I recently had the opportunity to attend Jim Price’s Concealed Carry Class. I have been an avid firearms owner for most of my 61 years. I grew up around guns for hunting and sport. I have taught many young shooters over the years as a Nebraska Hunter Education instructor and also through the Boy Scouts as a Scout Leader. I have given many presentations as part of my job and volunteer activities in many subjects. I have also taught many classes in subjects from civics to computers.

I was very impressed with the professional instruction Jim was able to provide. He is very knowledgeable, reasoned and practical in his approach. He covered general firearms safety and also proper, safe, storage for both in home and while traveling. His use of visual aids was very good and appropriate in both subject and amount. He covered the necessary legal information so when the student was finished, if they paid attention, they would be knowledgeable enough to follow the proper laws for defense and carry. He also gave a presentation on different handguns, from revolvers to semi autos and different types of holsters. Something I did not expect from this class.

The shooting part of the class was thorough with many different scenarios presented leading up to the final shooting test. Jim gave instructions very well and they were easy to follow. I was impressed with his attention to safety and how efficient he was with the time. He presented different real world type situations and made the students think about what they were doing rather than just shooting a bunch of holes in targets. The scenarios were well thought out and I could tell he had spent quite a bit of time and experience working out these practice scenarios. The facilities are first rate, roomy, safe and comfortable.

In the end, I came away more confident and better informed. I could also tell the younger members of the class also had a similar experience. I would say Jim has the very best interest of his students in mind and is very serious about his job to teach, train and inform. Even if you do not intend to carry all the time, I would recommend this class to anyone from novice to expert.

Frank Gourley